You’re here because the person who shared data with you values data protection, and wants to keep it safe. By sending files through SpecterX, both of you are protected. He keeps tracking and protecting his data, and you don’t have to worry about attracting attackers who might attempt stealing the sender’s data.

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SpecterX is a Data Centric Cybersecurity Platform, allowing secure access to any digital asset, using any platform, no matter where the asset is stored, in a seamless, secure and compliant manner.

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Some access methods will require authenticating your email address.

To do what, you’ll need to fill in your email address and click the “Send Code” button.

Which email address should I use?

Use the same email address the sender used to share the file with you.

You can check which one that is by going back to the email message and checking the “To” section:

I used the correct email address, but still didn’t receive a code

After inserting a valid email address, the “Send Code” button should become active:

Clicking the button will send the One-Time-Password and disable the “Send Code” button.

If the button is still active, click it again.

I clicked the button, but still didn’t receive a code

Sometimes emails find their way to the Spam box. Please check there and look for an email called “SpecterX – Authentication Code”. It should look something like this:

I check my Spam mailbox, but still didn’t find a code

We don’t like to admit it, but sometimes we make mistakes too, and maybe we didn’t send you a code. Please try clicking the “Resend Code” button and check both your Inbox and Spam box.

I tried everything, still no code

We’re sorry to hear that. Please contact us at support@specterx.com and help you right away!

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Of course!

We’d love to help you stay protected as well.

Contact us at info@specterx.com

Category: Troubleshooting