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Who We Are

SpecterX is a Cybersecurity, fast-growing startup, allowing easy and secure cloud transformation by bringing complete visibility, full control, and extensive protection over the organizational data, no matter where it travels—allowing data to be used in a seamless, secure and compliant manner in the new digital space.

SpecterX is developing a unique technology that continuously manages and protects data at its core level. The platform supports the security and IT teams challenges for a safe and non-disruptive cloud transformation which allows productivity without giving up data security, within their organization and beyond.


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Our Careers

Team Culture

At SpecterX we want to do what everyone said can’t be done, and we need you to do it.

A great product can only be built by great people, each of them thinking on his own, unwavering way. We encourage our people to experiment, try, err, and at the end of it all, deliver. We believe that is the only way to deliver the whole package, even when it seems impossible – Increasing security while promoting productivity. Engaging users while staying seamless.

The path towards our vision is always changing, and the only way to brave it is by trusting our teammates, letting their uniqueness shine, and demanding their excellence.


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Systems Engineer

SpecterX is looking for a talented Systems Engineer to join our team. You have to be a fast learner, creative, responsible, self-driven and a go-getter – someone who is able to quickly analyze complex environments and issues, come up with fresh ideas and implement them.

What Will You Do

This position consists of 3 main areas of responsibility: Infrastructure development, DevOps, and SRE:

Infrastructure Development

You will be working closely with system architects and developers to design, implement and deploy systems on both – public clouds as well as on-prem private infrastructures.

Site Reliability Engineering

You will:

  • Maintain and improve the monitoring tools and processes.
  • Track and improve service availability to meet the SLAs.
  • Create and perform incident-response procedures for production systems.
  • Help ensure the success of new customers onboarding from technical perspectives.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot complex technical problems during production incidents as well as during peacetime.
  • Identify incident root causes and track their resolution. 

Development Operations

You will be:

  • Responsible for SpecterX’ CI/CD tools and processes and work to ensure their robustness. Additionally you will be making improvements to shorten the Software Lifecycle iteration duration. 
  • Automating DevOps tasks and providing APIs, interfaces and knowledge to our development teams to keep them as independent and self-sufficient as possible.
  • Maintaining, developing and testing the “Infrastructure as Code” code base in the organization: Terraform, Packer, Ansible & Jenkins pipelines. 


  • Solid understanding of Networking, Operating Systems, Software Design and Information Security concepts.
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience building and managing production systems on public clouds (AWS/GCP/Azure).
  • Good communication skills and proven record of successfully working with people – either in the DevOps/SRE/NOC or Customer Success/Integration/Onboarding representative roles.
  • 3+ years of experience daily-managing CI/CD tools and processes – such as Jenkins, Git, GitHub/Bitbucket, Ansible/Chef.
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience daily-managing monitoring tools and processes – such as ELK, DataDog, Pagerduty, Newrelic
  • Playing a significant hands-on part in developing at least one project in Python, Node.js, Groovy or compiled languages.

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Technical Sales Engineer

We are looking for a high-performing Sales Engineer to help us meet our customer acquisition and customer success in any technical perspective. You will be responsible for maximizing our sales team potential, crafting sales plans, and executing them.

What Will You Do

  • Drive customer success & New business outcomes.
  • Leads conversion, demos, onboarding, training, renewals, cross-sell/up-sell.
  • Maintain customer relationships on a regular basis.
  • Partner with R&D teams to interpret customer requirements and deliver solutions with the end-goal of sales in mind.
  • Engage directly with prospective customers to understand their needs and recommend solutions based on the understood requirements.
  • Manage expectations on the customer and sales side.
  • Lead technical discussions addressing comparison to alternative/s and have a deep dive on solution architecture.
  • Drive POCs with customers to successful completion: technical, project management, as well as being able to understand and help with some business aspects.
  • Work closely with the CEO, CTO, and R&D feeding requirements and priorities.


  • 3+ years of experience in a B2B enterprise software sales role
  • Ability to understand both prospect/client business needs and technological requirements.
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience working with programming languages and a deep understanding of DevOps – a must
  • Experience in direct and co – sales through partnerships.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, written, and presentation skills (English).


  • Experience working in cybersecurity – BIG advantage
  • Experience with SaaS products

VP Product

We’re looking for a VP of Product to lead our product efforts and become the key owner of SpecterX products and offerings. This individual will shape our product to match the best suiting market and use-cases. He should have a deep technical understanding, strong business acumen, the ability to define a visionary product, to partner with different stakeholders, and the ability to work within a fast-changing startup environment.

What Will You Do

  • Drive the company’s overall product vision.
  • Define, communicate, plan and execute product vision, strategy and roadmap.
  • Oversee market and technical research in the cyber security space, including the competitive landscape, to assess and identify customer, business, and technical needs.
  • Talk with customers to understand their needs and concerns regarding the product.
  • Work closely with teams within the company to deliver a high-quality product on schedule, including Sales, Support, Marketing, and the Engineering teams.
  • Understand the business context of product decisions.
  • Promote a culture of innovation, collaboration, and customer-facing experimentation.
  • Provide a trusted voice at the decision-making table and be an advocate of SpecterX vision and value proposition.


  • 5+ years of experience in product management of Software products.
  • 3+ years of experience in operating, designing and/or promoting cybersecurity products ( DLP / XDR / SOAR / CASB / Other )
  • Proven record of defining and delivering enterprise class products and solutions.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, written and presentation skills.
  • Cloud/SaaS knowledge and experience is highly desired.
  • A background of working with APIs, authentication protocols and SDK’s.
  • Strong awareness of technology and technology trends in the cyber-security market.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Fluent English.